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Recording studios are often targets for burglars & thugs…and the occasional visit from the S.W.A.T. team. MAPS has an unblemished track record of keeping its peeps safe and secure, due in part to the precautions we take. We need everyone’s help and adherence to these practices, as the studio and its inhabitants are much more than a business; it’s our collective purpose and livelihood. Please familiarize yourself with the info below for prevention and emergency actions, should they ever be needed.


Out of an abundance of precaution, at no time during your visit should either of the exterior doors be unlocked when unattended. And if someone comes to the door you don’t recognize, don’t feel obligated to let them in. Rather, err on the side of safety and qualify their reason to gain access.


In case of a small fire, please put it out with a fire extinguisher (there’s at least one in each room). However, if the fire has grown too big, GET OUT. You can escape out the front or back doors. Once everyone has reached safety, please call 911, and then alert anyone else in the vicinity (like the neighbors).


CALL 911

Should there be any need for emergency assistance, please call 911. This can also be done through the alarm panel in the entryway, which your producer will show you during your initial visit. After first responders have been called, please ensure your producer then notifies someone from MAPS.



Please be advised you’ll be on camera during your sessions at MAPS. We use ‘em to protect you, the gear under our custodianship, and the facility at large. It feels a little “big brothery” to us, but our responsibility to security takes precedence.

The cameras are outside, and in each room (except the bathroom…no Chuck Berry shenanigans here). Video clips are uploaded to the server, and are on a battery backup system.

The alarm system is also on battery backup. Please note that in the rare event the alarm is triggered during your session, the police automatically drop by for a visit.