House Rules Tile.png

House Rules

Nobody likes rules…but we DO like it when all inhabitants of the studio feel safe, comfortable, productive, and respected. Rules are the way we make this coexistence happen…and we try to keep them to a minimum. We considered cage matches instead of rules for a hot minute, but this was not popular with our producers for some reason.

Please ensure all attendees of your session are familiar with and abide by the house rules. Anyone who breaks ‘em will be locked in the vocal booth for an hour with Taylor Swift on repeat…and no beer.


Please arrive at your designated session time to begin load-in. Not earlier, as that can disrupt another session in progress. If you have a special need that requires early access to the facility, please make the request through your producer.


Smoking of any kind is not permitted within the studio premises. Any smoking must be done 20 ft. from the building. Alcohol is permitted within the studio to those of legal age. No underage drinking is allowed. No illegal drug use is allowed.


All clients and guests must abide by all applicable laws: federal, state, county, city, gravity. This includes no mating of animals because we’re within 1,500 ft of a saloon. (That’s a real law…look it up.)


This is just a general, catch-all “don’t be an ass” policy. The excitement of being in the studio can sometimes make artists behave like they’re already rock stars on tour. Please don’t throw our TVs out the window, smash bottles over your producer’s head, or light anything on fire. Throwing drumsticks at the bass player MAY be permissible on a case-by-case basis.


Our Swedish-designed spiral staircase catches a lot of attention. Unfortunately, the upstairs space is strictly off-limits. No one is sure what goes on up there. Some say that’s where the ghost of Leo Fender lives (which is INSANE…everyone knows he’s still alive). All you ghost hunters (and everyone else), please stay on the ground floor.