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We have quite the instrument and outboard gear collection. Use ‘em while you’re here! That’s one of the included benefits of recording at MAPS. Just make sure to leave ‘em in as good of condition when done (replace broken strings, drum heads, wipe off blood west & tears, etc.).


This here is the magic. The Audient ASP 48|16 analog console has the sound you’re looking for, and it integrates via 32 channels of Orion A/D conversion to your producer’s DAW of choice (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Cakewalk, etc.).

Curious about what makes this board so great? Check out some specs, vids, & hear from Pete Townshend.


Unless your producer has booked consecutive lockout sessions, leaving gear set up overnight is usually not an option, as another session may be taking place after yours. In rare circumstances it’s permitted, but will require prior approval.



Yes, we have an insurance plan for the studio, but it doesn’t cover damage to your gear caused by other people, shenanigans, etc. As such, MAPS cannot be held liable for loss or damage to your gear, so please take all necessary precautions.